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By becoming a contributing member, you are supporting the Arts in Randolph County and receive the following benefits:

1) As a non-profit, your membership contribution is tax-deductible up to the quantity allowed by the law.

2) You will receive membership discounts, where applicable.

3) Mailings updating you of current happenings at the Arts Depot and around the county, including quarterly newsletters.

4) You become a part of our family with a shared interest in the arts.

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As a volunteer …You become an important part of our organization and our community. There is much to be done to operate a world-class operation. Our success absolutely depends on our precious volunteers!  It is a two-way “win-win” proposition:

1. Your donated time will certainly help us to reach our mission.

2. You will experience the behind-the-scenes of our local art world enhancing your knowledge, experience and appreciation of the Arts.

Please check out our programs and activities and see where you can help, then contact our Director at the Arts Depot or any AARC Board Members for more information.

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